25 Jul


 UBIQUE, meaning everywhere in Latin, is one of the oldest phrases tied to the history of the American Geographical Society. It represents our presence throughout the country and the world, and also represents the sphere of Geography itself. Our longtime...
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29 Jun

AGS Mapping Contest

Attention mapping enthusiasts! “Maps play many roles. Including helping people understand and travel, helping cities manage growth and control crime, and helping nations defend themselves and get along. By making our own maps we can plan vacations, tell stories, and...
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30 Sep

NYC H2O Not-for-Profit Spotlight

NYC H2O is a non-profit organization devoted to educating and inspiring New York’s citizens about its fascinating and extensive water supply system. NYC H2O is best known for its free Water Ecology and Engineering field trips designed for students (grades...
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27 Sep

Citi Bike or Taxis?

Have you ever been in a taxi cab, stuck in rush hour traffic, and wishing that you’d just walked, ran or biked instead? Well according to some data analyzations in New York City, those cases have become more and more...
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21 Sep

NYC Crime Reduction Rates from 2016-2017

Though New York City has come a long way since its heyday of crime in the 1980’s and 1990’s, crime has not entirely halted.  However, through a myriad of mayor, police and citizen cooperation, crime has steadily decreased throughout New...
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20 Sep

Freight Farms Company Spotlight

As growth in global population continues to pose risks to our resources and space for future generations, many companies have taken the initiative to tackle these problems. One such company is Freight Farms, a group that is specifically solving the...
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18 Sep

Former AGS Councilor Allan Shapiro Passing

Allan M. Shapiro, longtime resident of Scarsdale, NY and former American Geographical Society (AGS) Councilor, passed away on September 2nd, 2017. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 21, 1936,  Shapiro graduated from high school in 1954 and from Cornell University...
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15 Sep


At a Glance: Carevoyance offers data-driven business applications that help life sciences companies with business development, market research and go-to-market strategy and execution. In Depth: Anatoly Geyfman, co-founder and CEO of Carevoyance, helped build the first HIPAA compliant benefit management...
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14 Sep

Honoring the Life of Jennie Darlington

  The American Geographical Society (AGS) Fliers and Explorer’s Globe signer, Jennie Darlington, passed away due to heart failure on August 30, 2017 at her home in Marshall, Virginia.  Jennie signed the Globe in 2005 for her 1948 accomplishment of...
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14 Sep

Wifi Accessibility in New York City

Cities across the globe, including Taiwan, Paris, Tel Aviv and Perth, have developed and implemented free Wifi networks designed to make the urban environment more enjoyable for both tourists and residents. In 2016, New York City converted a number of...
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1 Sep

Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.

At a Glance: In the modern world, it may seem like the Internet and all the data and information we could ever want is at our fingertips; however, this is not the case in austere environments around the globe. Reinventing...
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