29 Jun

AGS Mapping Contest

Attention mapping enthusiasts! “Maps play many roles. Including helping people understand and travel, helping cities manage growth and control crime, and helping nations defend themselves and get along. By making our own maps we can plan vacations, tell stories, and...
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21 Dec

Map of the Week: Misery Map

Will you be traveling this holiday season? Everyone understands how stressful the holiday travel can be, especially if you are flying. Millions of people will travel within the United States and across the world to be reunited with their family...
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7 Dec

December’s Mapping Contest Winner

This month’s Mapping Contest winner is Pankaj Rawat from Delhi, India. His map “Geography of Traditional Music” illustrates all the various music genres within India separated along geographic boundaries. This map represents the musical diversity of India on a regional...
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2 Nov

November’s Mapping Contest Winner

This months mapping contest winner is Patrick McGranaghan for his artistic map detailing one of Mount Etna’s geographic features. This map is made to draw attention to a unique geographic oddity: a decipoint. This is the only place in the...
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19 Oct

Celebration of Diwali

  Also known as the ‘festival of lights’, Diwali is a five-day festival that is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains, each of whom have their own specific traditions and customs in celebrating. But the one theme that is constant...
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27 Sep

Citi Bike or Taxis?

Have you ever been in a taxi cab, stuck in rush hour traffic, and wishing that you’d just walked, ran or biked instead? Well according to some data analyzations in New York City, those cases have become more and more...
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21 Sep

NYC Crime Reduction Rates from 2016-2017

Though New York City has come a long way since its heyday of crime in the 1980’s and 1990’s, crime has not entirely halted.  However, through a myriad of mayor, police and citizen cooperation, crime has steadily decreased throughout New...
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14 Sep

Wifi Accessibility in New York City

Cities across the globe, including Taiwan, Paris, Tel Aviv and Perth, have developed and implemented free Wifi networks designed to make the urban environment more enjoyable for both tourists and residents. In 2016, New York City converted a number of...
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31 Aug

Hurricane Harvey Storm Surges

Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in Texas on August 25th, 2017, has wreaked unprecedented havoc in the area. First affecting Corpus Christi, Harvey brought strong winds and tall waves to the city. After making landfall, Harvey was downgraded to a...
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24 Aug


There is a myriad of animals that are associated with New York City. Pigeons in Central Park, alligators in the sewers, tigers in Harlem, and rats in the subway tunnels. However, the rats seem to be becoming bolder and are venturing...
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