14 Sep

Wifi Accessibility in New York City

Cities across the globe, including Taiwan, Paris, Tel Aviv and Perth, have developed and implemented free Wifi networks designed to make the urban environment more enjoyable for both tourists and residents. In 2016, New York City converted a number of...
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31 Aug

Hurricane Harvey Storm Surges

  Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in Texas last Friday, has wreaked unprecedented havoc in the area. First affecting Corpus Christi, Harvey brought strong winds and tall waves to the city. After making landfall, Harvey was downgraded to a tropical...
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24 Aug


There is a myriad of animals that are associated with New York City. Pigeons in Central Park, alligators in the sewers, tigers in Harlem, and rats in the subway tunnels. However, the rats seem to be becoming bolder and are venturing...
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17 Aug

The Great American Eclipse

  The Great American Eclipse, as it’s being called, is a solar eclipse that will occur over the United States mainland on Monday, August 21st. It will be a total eclipse that will be viewable to some degree across the...
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27 Jul

Beware of Lyme Disease

MAP OF THE WEEK: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black legged and deer ticks have invaded new areas across the United States, carrying Lyme Disease into places it has not existed before. Researcher Rebecca Eisen at...
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20 Jul

What does 5280 look like?

MAP OF THE WEEK: Denver, Colorado has the reputation of being the “Mile-High City” due to its elevation in the Rocky Mountains. But just how much of Denver actually is over a mile above sea-level? Grant Garstka, with the City and County...
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13 Jul

The Land of Chocolate

MAP OF THE WEEK: Chocolate, made from the cocoa bean, is the world’s favorite sweet. Cocoa and chocolate have influenced the world more than most realize. The lure of sweet cocoa seeds was a primary incentive for European powers to pursue...
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6 Jul

I Scream for Ice Cream

MAP OF THE WEEK: With the summer months come beach weather, traveling, and best of all, ice cream. July is nationally recognized as Ice Cream Month, and the United States is showing its love for the cold and sweet treat...
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