22 Mar

Planet OS: Indexing the real world to create a single geospatial sensor data platform for its users

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Planet OS is a data-driven company indexing the real world. Originally founded in 2012 as Marineexplore, the company’s goal was to make searching and discovering public ocean data easy. Planet OS is a big data architecture for search, analysis & discovery for real world sensor networks in oceans, the atmosphere, space and on land. Today, the company’s goal is to index the public web for geospatial sensor datasets and become the first place every data professional or executive will use to look for sensor data intelligence.


Planet OS is a big data platform designed for geospatial data drawn from atmospheric, land-based, oceanic and remote sensors. The company provides data that allows you to discover and access high quality weather, climate and environmental data using a single, consistent API (application program interface). The company uses a cloud-based platform that allows them to build data-driven solutions for their customers. Whether it is turning spreadsheet-based reports into interactive web-based custom dashboards; creating custom analysis interference or deploying a model on an implementation to run with data, Planet OS is transforming the way industries work with data.

Written by: Kathleen Emerson (3/22/2016)

For more information, visit their website at https://planetos.com/

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