21 Jul

Mapillary: Crowdsourced Street Photos

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Mapillary is a service for crowdsourcing map photos. They use simple tools that are relatively commonplace like smartphones or action cameras. This means that anyone can create street-level imagery, which opens up countless opportunities for citizen engagement, open data contributions, and collaborative mapping efforts. Mapillary provides apps for iOS, Windows Phone and Android, together with tools for using action cameras such as GoPro and Garmin Virb.

Mapillary also provides a set of Application Program Interfaces (API) so that others can build solutions using the photos and the data extracted from the maps. Additionally, there is a viewer and widget that anyone can embed for their own use. “For businesses there are commercial solutions, including private repositories. With this, any organization can have the full Mapillary service in a closed environment where only users given permission may use and access the service,” according to Janine Yoong, Business Development at Mapillary.

Mapillary for ArcGIS used from a case study performed in Johns Creek, Georgia.

Mapillary for ArcGIS used from a case study performed in Johns Creek, Georgia.


Join Mapillary in their “mission to create a photo representation of the world from which to curate all kinds of data.”

Keep up to date with Mapillary’s newest and upcoming projects in their exciting blog.

Written by Hana Goldstein (7/22/16)



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