29 Nov

Honduras Bowman Expedition

A Bowman Expedition is currently being conducted in Honduras. The AGS Bowman Expedition Program allows researchers to offer practical assistance in mapping, analysis, and GIS functionality for host countries and communities as well as, produce open-source datasets for these areas....
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15 Nov

Total Equity Now

Total Equity Now (TEN) is an all-volunteer organization based in Harlem that informs and mobilizes community members of all ages to strengthen education. Much of TEN’s work centers around guiding locals in learning about and utilizing the neighborhood’s literacy resources....
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8 Nov


SkyWise is a data services platform that Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) provides. The SkyWise platform empowers users, specifically web and mobile developers, GIS developers, and data analysts to access historical, current, and forecast weather data through custom built APIs...
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