19 Jan

Women’s March for Equality

This Friday – January 21, 2017 – women will march through Washington, DC with the goal of demonstrating support for the rights, safety, health, and families of those whom feel attacked by the recent election, per their website. This includes,...
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18 Jan

Mapping Water In Europe

Water is a very important resource in our world. This map shows the areas that have a great potential for water stress. It is becoming more important to have clean drinking water. Therefore,a map like this would be important for...
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11 Jan

Mapping Crops in Each State

Food geography is very important to our country. A significant amount of our country is comprised of  farmlands. Most states in our country produce grains as a cash crop. Which cash crop does your state produce? (click the map or...
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28 Dec

New Years Resolution Map

  2017 is a few days away.  Around this time, people usually made resolutions (e.g. exercise more, eat healthier, and travel the world) for goals that they would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. The map above shows some of...
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21 Dec

Ursa Space Systems

Ursa Space Systems processes satellite data to provide location-based information services and data visualization applications to its clients and stakeholders. In 2014, Adam Maher founded Ursa Space Systems with the vision of overcoming the unreliability of optical satellites by creating...
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5 Dec

A Boundless Future for GIS

Boundless is a geospatial company that provides the premier open GIS ecosystem through its license-free technology and services aimed at meeting clients’ desires. With over 14 years of experience in the open GIS technology industry, Boundless, and its non-profit predecessor...
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30 Nov

John Snow’s Cholera Map

John Snow’s Cholera Map is shown above. In 1854, there was a cholera outbreak in Soho, London. John Snow overlaid the cholera cases on a map featuring the location of the area’s drinking wells. Snow’s map enable him to discover...
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