1 Jun

Introducing Annabelle Tsaboukas: AGS Summer Scholar-Intern

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My name is Annabelle Tsaboukas and I’m double-majoring in geography and Chinese language at Hunter College. I grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where my great-great-grandparents originally settled after arriving from Sicily. Despite my diverse heritage (Italian, Roma, Greek, Irish, German, English and Belgian) I grew up speaking only English at home, and perhaps to compensate, immersed myself in studying foreign cultures and languages. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with maps and all things foreign.

Studying Chinese has been a passion of mine for eight years. I try to go to China at least once or twice a year, and lately I’ve been doing modeling work in Shanghai and Hangzhou which has allowed me to stay long-term without going broke. A personal goal of mine is to visit every province in China, but my favorite place will probably always be Fujian, famous for its tea and beautiful mountains.

Besides China, I have an eclectic range of weird interests, including post-war North Korea, the history of public transit in New York City, immigration, environmental sustainability, Russian folk music and literature, Miyazaki films, and rewatching Mad Men ad nauseam. In the past I’ve interned at Asia Society and at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.



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