30 Jun


 UBIQUE, meaning everywhere in Latin, is one of the oldest phrases tied to the history of the American Geographical Society. It represents our presence throughout the country and the world, and also represents the sphere of Geography itself. Our longtime...
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23 Jul

Map of The Week: The Human Reach

By Samantha Hinton With the polluted skies, deadly heat waves, destructive flooding, sweeping forest fires, and more, the state of planet Earth is dragging at geographers and mapmakers’ minds lately. The Human Reach, created by Esri’s StoryMaps team, investigates and...
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14 Jul

Company Spotlight: Resource Watch

By Samantha Hinton Resource Watch provides trusted and timely data for a sustainable future. The American Geographical Society (AGS) had the opportunity to sit down with them to hear more about how they are using datasets to help visualize global...
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1 Jul

Map of the Week: Redhead Ancestry

By: Kallie O’Donnell 23andMe is a popular genetic testing website where users can send in some of their saliva and receive a full report of their genetic makeup, including ancestry. The data received ranges in intensity, from “I carry this...
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28 Jun

Company Spotlight: Arturo

By Nina Edward American Geographical Society (AGS) had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Tuttle, CTO of Arturo, to discuss the ways in which artificial intelligence and aerial imagery are advancing the insurance industry. Tuttle calls Arturo a “clandestine...
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