30 Jun


UBIQUE, meaning everywhere in Latin, is one of the oldest phrases tied to the history of the American Geographical Society. It represents our presence throughout the country and the world, and also represents the sphere of Geography itself. Our longtime...
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23 May

Map of the Week: Illegal Ghost Roads

By Chiara Ryals Networks of illegally-built roads, known as ‘ghost roads’, are proliferating across tropical forests and flying under the radar of governance. Usually built for the purpose of logging, poaching, or mining, these roads pose a severe threat to...
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15 May

World Cultures: Ainu Tattoos

By Thomas Jang Tattoos were once an important tradition practiced among the Ainu people, an Indigenous hunter-gathering people who live throughout the island of Hokkaido in Japan. Before the onset of displacement, genocide, and settlement by Japan beginning on the...
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