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2018 Newsletters

November 2018– The Month of November at AGS
October 2018- The Month of October at AGS
September 2018- The Month of September at AGS
August 2018- The Month of August at AGS
July 2018- The Month of July at AGS
June 2018- The Month of June at AGS
May 2018– The Month of May at AGS
April 2018– The Month of April at AGS
March 2018– The Month of March at AGS
February 2018– The Month of February at AGS
January 2018- The Month of January at AGS

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2017 Newsletters

December 2017- The Month of December at AGS
November 2017- Happy Holidays from AGS
October 2017- Take a look at what AGS has been up to for October 2017!
September 2017- Take a look at what AGS has been up to in September
August 2017- Take a look at what AGS has been up to in August
July 2017- The Month of July at AGS
June 2017- The Month of June at AGS
May 2017- Take A Look At What We’re Up To For The Month of May
April 2017- Take a look at what AGS has been up to this April
March 2017- This month take a look Inaugural AGS Geographical Review Lecture, FOCUS Geo Quiz and more!
February 2017- Check out the lastest FOCUS feature article, AGS newest Fellow and more!
January 2017- This month take a look at FOCUS newest photo essay, ways for students to become AGS JSF and much more…

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2016 Newsletters

December 2016- Happy Holidays from the American Geographical Society…
November 2016-This month take a look at AGS newest Fellows, Student Internship opportunities and much more…
October 2016- AGS newest collaboration, AGS Council Fellowship opportunities and more…
September 2016- Special Edition- Geography 2050: Envisioning a Sustainable Planet
August 2016- Register for Geography 2050: Envisioning a Sustainable Planet and more!
July 2016-Take a look at our newly digitized publication FOCUS, GeoPlunge, internship opportunities and more…
June 2016– AGS article “Changing of the Guard”, GeoAcademy GIS GeoBadges and more…
May 2016-  AGS Geography Teacher Fellow Program, our newest site and more…
April 2016- AGS Announces Geography Teacher Fellow Program, Parag Khanna & more!
March 2016- AGS Announces New Best Article Award, Releases YouthMappers GeoBadges & more!
February 2016- AGS hosts Congressional Forum on Illegal Wildlife Crime in Washington, D.C.
January 2016- Endorsing an Anti-Poaching, Anti-Terror Initiative & more!

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2015 Newsletters

December 2015- Happy Holidays!
November 2015- GeoBadges, Intern Opportunities and more!
September 2015- Early Registration for Geography2050 ends in 11 days!
August 2015- American Geographical Society: Fall Internships Open, Website Unveils Member Forum, and more!
July 2015- Introducing our new Councilors, endorsement of “Geo for All” Initiative, Learning games for summer & Company Spotlights! 
May 2015- AGS Community Update

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