20 Sep

Geographical Review Preview: Evaluating the Geographic in GIS

By: Weihe W. Guan, Matthew W. Wilson, and Anne K. Knowles

Article Title, Issue and Volume:
Evaluating the geographic in GIS (or how GIS might do geography?)

What is the main purpose of your study?
In this study, we reflect on how to clarify and develop the specifically geographical aspects of geographic information systems to enhance analysis and interpretation.

What are the practical, day to day, implications of your study?
By evaluating the possibility that GIS might do geography better, this study provokes new thinking about the scope of geographic information systems.

How does your study relate to other work on the subject?
This study emerges from a range of interests in the digital spatial humanities, in the GIS & Society movement, and in the expansion of GIS support centers at universities.

What are two or three interesting findings that come from your study?
Assumptions about the use of GIS have limited the applicability of GIS for geographic inquiry.

What might be some of the theoretical implications of this study?
This study suggests that the concepts underlying the applicability of GIS have unnecessarily limited the range of experimentation with GIS — specifically in the humanities and critical social sciences.

How does your research help us think about Geography?
This research directly takes up geographic inquiry, by attempting to understand what is included and excluded in the application of GIS.

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