25 Mar

Mappy Monday: Black Women in History

By Thomas Jang Assembled by Global Tech Advocates for the project Black Women In Tech, this is the first interactive map of Black women in history, highlighting Black women around the world who have made significant contributions to healthcare, politics,...
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7 Mar

MOTW: World Wine Regions

By Alexandra Kicior People often classify wine as “new world” or “old world,” which originally served to describe taste in wine. Recently, the Court of Masters Sommeliers announced they would no longer be using the terms in blind tastings. The...
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6 Mar

World Cultures: Hausaland

By Thomas Jang The Hausa people are one of several ethnic groups that have lived around the Niger and Benue rivers in present-day Niger and Nigeria for thousands of years. Alongside them live the Tuareg, Fulbe, and Zabarma. The area...
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