20 Dec

BAE Systems Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinHow do you compile results from hundreds of different sensors as one image rather than a hundred different ones? How is it possible to map an ever changing, dynamic environment and report in near real time? BAE Systems Inc. holds...
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13 Jul

Vricon Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinVricon is on a mission to map the world in 3D. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Vricon started in 2015 and has been growing ever since. Vricon offers decision makers in the military, intelligence, telecommunications, and other major industries access to...
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5 Jul

Plan International Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinDo you feel safe in your city? As society turns its eyes toward assault and safety concerns, we’re learning just how uneasy many women feel in their daily lives: at work, at home, and even just walking down the street....
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28 Jun

Mapillary Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinWelcome to the future of Mapping. Mapillary is a startup which uses crowdsourced data to develop a rich, real-time street map of the world. The company believes that individuals and groups within a place are more qualified than any greater...
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15 Jun

Boundless Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Due to increased advancements in geospatial data and analysis, GIS technology has developed rapidly over the past few decades. Boundless is one company that has been working closely with GIS and watching it thrive. For the last 14 years,...
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2 May

Descartes Labs Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin As satellite imagery becomes increasingly available, it’s important that we get access to the tools and platforms that help make sense of vast amounts data. Descartes Labs is leading this example by building a data refinery built on a...
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26 Apr

Fulcrum for Education & Universities

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Spatial Networks is a geospatial intelligence and technology company. The CEO, Tony Quartararo, is a geographer and an American Geographical Society Councilor who is passionate about promoting geographical literacy. Since Spatial Networks’ mobile data collection platform, Fulcrum, launched in...
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5 Apr

Travel Time Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTravel Time platform is a geospatial company based in London, that specializes in travel time. It began with iGeolise in 2009, when co-founder Charlie Davies was set in a traffic jam. As he sat waiting to move, he wondered why...
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27 Mar

Flourish Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Flourish is an online tool that aims to make advanced data visualization and interactive storytelling available to everyone. Based in London, this project was started in 2016, through the company, Kiln, which is a specialist data visualization agency creating...
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