30 Mar

Company Spotlight: Locana

By Catherine McKenna Earlier this month, the American Geographical Society had the opportunity to speak with Jaime Crawford, SVP of Strategic Industries, and Kim Kearns, Professional Services Director of Open Data and Development, of Locana, formerly known as Critigen. This...
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28 Feb

Company Spotlight: GEO261

By Mike Wallace The world is inundated with spatial data today like never before. Devices such as satellites, drones, smartphones and all the Internet of Things (IoT) are constantly monitoring movements and collecting information, and geospatial technology has advanced to...
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31 Jan

Company Spotlight: Plum Run

By Jessie Woldstad The American Geographical Society recently had the opportunity to meet with Keith J. Masback, Principal Consultant of Plum Run, LLC, a boutique consulting firm specializing in supporting early-stage startups operating in geospatial intelligence and related fields. Since...
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23 Dec

Company Spotlight: CUBIC

  By Ruqaiyah Zarook The American Geographical Society recently spoke with Mr. Bradford Powell, Vice President and General Manager of Cubic, a leading technology-driven company providing integrated solutions for transportation and defense to reduce urban congestion and improve militaries’ effectiveness....
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23 Nov

Company Spotlight: Crowd2Map Tanzania Project

By: Abigail Vandenberg The American Geographical Society had the privilege of meeting with Crowd2Map Tanzania’s founder, Ms. Janet Chapman. Crowd2Map is an entirely volunteer-based mapping project using crowdsourced data to help put rural Tanzania on the map. Since its conception...
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23 Aug

Company Spotlight: Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance

By: Kallie O’Donnell The NEPA Alliance is a private nonprofit that focuses on various aspects of community and economic development including business finance, local government assistance, nonprofit development, and transportation. The organization serves 7 counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania covering over...
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14 Jul

Company Spotlight: Resource Watch

By Samantha Hinton Resource Watch provides trusted and timely data for a sustainable future. The American Geographical Society (AGS) had the opportunity to sit down with them to hear more about how they are using datasets to help visualize global...
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28 Jun

Company Spotlight: Arturo

By Nina Edward American Geographical Society (AGS) had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Tuttle, CTO of Arturo, to discuss the ways in which artificial intelligence and aerial imagery are advancing the insurance industry. Tuttle calls Arturo a “clandestine...
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