28 Aug

DeepMap Company Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin At a Glance On the road, variables such as fog, fading lane lines, and graffiti on a street sign can be challenging for a self-driving car’s sensors. To solve this problem, DeepMap is developing a solution that provides precise, high-definition...
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18 Aug

EagleHawk Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinAt a Glance: EagleHawk is a geospatial data services and software provider headquartered in Western New York that leverages the power of advancing drone technologies for and with its clients. They specialize in aerial data acquisition, infrastructure inspections, thermography and...
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8 Aug

Project Sidewalk Spotlight

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin At A Glance Project Sidewalk is a research group working in the Makeability Lab of the University of Maryland with the aim of mapping accessibility in cities to aid those with mobility-impairments. So far, they have used crowd-sourced data...
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21 Jul

SPIN Global

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinCOMPANY SPOTLIGHT: SPIN Global is a Washington D.C based small business that provides software solutions which help private, non-governmental and public sector agencies improve coordination prior to a disaster and enables organizations to jointly plan, train and operate effectively as...
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17 Jul

Pure Earth

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinCOMPANY SPOTLIGHT: Pure Earth is a Not-for-Profit which identifies and cleans up the poorest communities throughout the developing world where high concentrations of toxins have devastating health effects by devising clean-up strategies, empowering local champions and securing support from national...
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8 Jul


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinCOMPANY SPOTLIGHT: Valarm is a software company based in Los Angeles, California, which makes awesome remote monitoring software that’s powerful, affordable, friendly, and solves real-world problems.  Their remote monitoring software is used in industries like water resources management, pollution and...
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24 Jun


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinCOMPANY SPOTLIGHT:   Ushahidi is a tech company that uses easily manipulable software to collect data from text messages, emails, phone calls, and more to map phenomena in the realms of politics, natural disaster, social issues, and much more. Based...
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17 Jun


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin At a Glance Aclima deploys environmental sensor technology, cloud computing, and machine learning to map indoor and localized outdoor air quality. The availability of this data presents opportunities for us to understand and improve, buildings, cities and industry at...
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