6 Dec

Azavea Spotlight

  At a Glance: Azavea is a B Corporation which stretches the possibilities of geospatial technology to enable their clients to answer complex questions in a wide range of domains: urban ecosystems, water, infrastructure planning, economic development, public transit, elections,...
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4 Nov

Teralytics Spotlight

At a Glance: Teralytics is a Switzerland-based company that works to understand human mobility patterns in order to unlock new solutions in urban planning, transportation and travel. As cities become increasingly digitized, understanding the way humans move in and out...
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26 Oct

StreetScan Spotlight

    At a Glance: StreetScan is a Boston based startup which helps improve civil infrastructure by providing smart city mobile sensing services and asset management software. In Depth: America’s roadways are often overcrowded, in poor conditions and underfunded. One...
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30 Sep

NYC H2O Not-for-Profit Spotlight

NYC H2O is a non-profit organization devoted to educating and inspiring New York’s citizens about its fascinating and extensive water supply system. NYC H2O is best known for its free Water Ecology and Engineering field trips designed for students (grades...
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20 Sep

Freight Farms Company Spotlight

As growth in global population continues to pose risks to our resources and space for future generations, many companies have taken the initiative to tackle these problems. One such company is Freight Farms, a group that is specifically solving the...
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15 Sep


At a Glance: Carevoyance offers data-driven business applications that help life sciences companies with business development, market research and go-to-market strategy and execution. In Depth: Anatoly Geyfman, co-founder and CEO of Carevoyance, helped build the first HIPAA compliant benefit management...
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1 Sep

Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.

At a Glance: In the modern world, it may seem like the Internet and all the data and information we could ever want is at our fingertips; however, this is not the case in austere environments around the globe. Reinventing...
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28 Aug

DeepMap Company Spotlight

At a Glance On the road, variables such as fog, fading lane lines, and graffiti on a street sign can be challenging for a self-driving car’s sensors. To solve this problem, DeepMap is developing a solution that provides precise, high-definition (HD)...
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18 Aug

EagleHawk Spotlight

At a Glance: EagleHawk is a geospatial data services and software provider headquartered in Western New York that leverages the power of advancing drone technologies for and with its clients. They specialize in aerial data acquisition, infrastructure inspections, thermography and...
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8 Aug

Project Sidewalk Spotlight

At A Glance Project Sidewalk is a research group working in the Makeability Lab of the University of Maryland with the aim of mapping accessibility in cities to aid those with mobility-impairments. So far, they have used crowd-sourced data gathering...
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