12 May

Oak Hall Cap and Gown

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Each year in the US, millions of people walk the aisle, receive their rolled up diplomas, and toss their square caps in the air at their graduation ceremonies. The tradition is practiced not just by college graduates but also...
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9 May

Indoor Reality

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin At A Glance “To map the world” is the mission of Indoor Reality, a company which offers innovative solutions to the challenges of mapping the indoors.  Founded by Dr. Avideh Zakhor, who was behind the technology that makes Google...
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28 Apr

The Xerces Society

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin For over four decades, The Xerces Society has been dedicated to invertebrate conservation. Founder Robert Michael Pyle founded this conservation movement after having studied insect conservation in England. During his time there, he attended a meeting discussing the impending extinction of the...
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12 Apr


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin    At A Glance Air pollution is considered the world’s deadliest form of pollution, and affects millions of individuals worldwide.  BreezoMeter is an award-winning company that provides hyperlocal air quality data to individuals, businesses and cities so that they...
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7 Apr


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Earth’s last frontier is not an icy, impassable mountain range or a vast, labyrinthine jungle, but it is hidden beneath the sunlit surface of the ocean.  Far from its representation on most world maps as a featureless expanse of...
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24 Mar


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin A quintessential aspect of the traveling experience is the search for the nearest public toilet.  In certain countries however, this inherently spatial question of washroom accessibility is one that is particularly challenging.  Take India, for example.  Despite having one...
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8 Mar

Open Energi

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin In the early 1980s, a Coca-Cola vending machine in Carnegie-Mellon University became one of the first appliances connected to the internet.  Frustrated with long treks to an empty machine or to one recently filled with warm coke bottles, the...
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28 Feb


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Below the Tower of Winds and before the threshold of the famous Sistine Chapel stretches a vast gallery of carefully painted maps.  Preceding Google Maps and satellite imagery by nearly half a millennium, these frescoes were commissioned by Pope...
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21 Feb

Bellerby & Co.

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Geography can be found in the most unexpected of places.  A historical example can be seen in 17th-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s works.  Intricately rendered globes and maps beckon to the viewer from the painting’s shadowy interiors, illuminating how...
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14 Feb


FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Whether it’s to find the nearest restaurant, to check today’s weather, or to determine the shortest route to a specified destination, location-based services play an integral role in getting people through their daily routines.  But can the ubiquitous smartphone...
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