5 Sep

Company Spotlight: The Ocean Cleanup

By: Ligia Clara Along with growing levels of pollution in our environment, increased awareness of these problems has prompted people and organizations to counteract the global damage caused by a lack of environmentally conscious decisions. The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit...
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16 Aug

Company Spotlight: SkyTruth

By: Ligia Clara Industrial activities such as mining and oil spills have long altered terrestrial and aquatic environments, and the damage can be partially blamed on a lack of equipment available to monitor the effects of those activities on ecosystems...
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26 Jul

Company Spotlight: UP42

By Nigel Jaffe To many people, “geospatial data” may seem a difficult concept to define. Its potential applications, meanwhile, can be even more nebulous. Both questions are easier to tackle when you realize that geospatial data, far from being a...
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6 Jul

Company Spotlight: Azavea

With a recent Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering and the 2020 Census just around the corner, electoral maps are once again a hot topic across the United States. Redistricting is a controversial issue because it effectively allows municipalities and state...
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6 May

Company Spotlight: Jibestream

Have you ever entered a building and immediately felt lost? Winding through the hallways or floors, you wander around, looking for a hint as to where you are going. Jibestream sees this issue as a challenge to overcome with their...
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13 Mar

Company Spotlight: MapStory

MapStory Understanding stories about historical events, change over time for that matter, can sometimes be difficult. Ask yourself when was the last time that you read a history piece, and how useful a spatial reference could have been? And even...
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20 Dec

Company Spotlight: BAE Systems

How do you compile results from hundreds of different sensors as one image rather than a hundred different ones? How is it possible to map an ever changing, dynamic environment and report in near real time? BAE Systems Inc. holds...
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13 Jul

Company Spotlight: Vricon

Vricon is on a mission to map the world in 3D. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Vricon started in 2015 and has been growing ever since. Vricon offers decision makers in the military, intelligence, telecommunications, and other major industries access to...
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