2 Jan

Company Spotlight: Navteca

By Katelyn Neff “Navteca is a woman and minority-owned technology services company focusing on emerging technologies and IT innovation, like cloud and virtual reality.” https://www.navteca.com/about The American Geographical Society recently spoke with Shayna Skolnik, co-founder, and CEO of Navteca about...
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20 Nov

Company Spotlight: ACLED

By Dane Gambrell The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) is a data collection, analysis, and mapping project. The project provides a free database of “conflict events”, such as military action, riots, protests, terrorist attacks, and other acts...
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9 Oct

Company Spotlight: Ecopia.AI

By Dane Gambrell Can artificial intelligence map the world? Ecopia.AI (“Ecopia”), a geospatial data and technology company based in Toronto, Ontario, thinks that the answer is a resounding “yes.” The American Geographical Society recently spoke with Co-Founder and President Jon...
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25 Sep

Company Spotlight: Cesium

By Nigel Jaffe As with many industries at the cutting edge of technology—bitcoin, AI, machine learning—the world of 3D data can seem opaque even to companies who make use of it every day. Modern society is awash in data to...
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5 Sep

Company Spotlight: The Ocean Cleanup

By: Ligia Clara Along with growing levels of pollution in our environment, increased awareness of these problems has prompted people and organizations to counteract the global damage caused by a lack of environmentally conscious decisions. The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit...
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16 Aug

Company Spotlight: SkyTruth

By: Ligia Clara Industrial activities such as mining and oil spills have long altered terrestrial and aquatic environments, and the damage can be partially blamed on a lack of equipment available to monitor the effects of those activities on ecosystems...
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26 Jul

Company Spotlight: UP42

By Nigel Jaffe To many people, “geospatial data” may seem a difficult concept to define. Its potential applications, meanwhile, can be even more nebulous. Both questions are easier to tackle when you realize that geospatial data, far from being a...
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6 Jul

Company Spotlight: Azavea

With a recent Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering and the 2020 Census just around the corner, electoral maps are once again a hot topic across the United States. Redistricting is a controversial issue because it effectively allows municipalities and state...
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