26 Feb

Company Spotlight: Impact Observatory

  “A young company with a desire for BIG impact.” By Nicole Oveisi American Geographical Society (AGS) had the opportunity to sit down with Impact Observatory (IO) to learn about the innovative ways the new company is helping in the...
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27 Jan

Company Spotlight: GeoSISU

When Jessica King, fearless leader of geospatial firm GeoSISU, set out to found her company in 2018, she kept her goal concise and clear: she wanted to help geospatial businesses and people grow. Now in its third year of business,...
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14 Dec

Company Spotlight: Cesium

By Conor White Cesium is the foundational open platform for software applications designed to unleash the power of 3D location data. Location data collected by satellites, aircrafts and drones in today’s world is 3D in nature and Cesium unlocks the...
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30 Nov

Company Spotlight: Crunchy Data

By Nicole Oveisi As PostgreSQL becomes one of the most popular and widely used database management systems, large companies have been looking for people who know how to work with the system. The widely adaptable platform is free and 100%...
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30 Sep

Company Spotlight: Benchmark

By Conor White The Benchmark Initiative was launched in 2019 by Ordnance Survey’s location data and property tech accelerator Geovation, based in London, United Kingdom, with support from Omidyar Network. The initiative is – in parallel – a funded entrepreneur...
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13 Apr

Company Spotlight: Gather

By Jessica Devous Gather is a non-profit organization in London, United Kingdom that collects and organizes geographical data on sanitation infrastructure in emerging cities. Launched in 2016, Gather is working to close the sanitation gap by standardizing geospatial data for...
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22 Jan

Company Spotlight: GISCorps

By Juli Miller GIS, or Geographic Information System, is a system that allows for the mapping, analysis, and manipulation of geographical and spatial data. It serves as a method to solve physical issues via virtual development, enabling the visualization of...
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2 Jan

Company Spotlight: Navteca

By Katelyn Neff “Navteca is a woman and minority-owned technology services company focusing on emerging technologies and IT innovation, like cloud and virtual reality.” https://www.navteca.com/about The American Geographical Society recently spoke with Shayna Skolnik, co-founder, and CEO of Navteca about...
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