3 Apr

Map of the Week: Navigating Brexit

designs are fully credited to TradePeers Ltd and Tube Map Central and another example of their beautiful maps in featured at the bottom of this article, www.brexitmapping.com. Brexit news and reports have been occurring now for almost three years. The...
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6 Mar

Map of the Week: The Re-Greenification of Earth

This map shows the relative greening (increase in vegetation) and browning (decrease in vegetation) around the globe. As you can see both China and India have significant greening. Despite alarming rates of deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia, researchers from NASA...
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27 Feb

Map of the Week: Tracking Polar Bears

Polar Bears are currently listed as a vulnerable species according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). International Polar Bear Day is observed each year on February 27th as a day to learn more about the animals...
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