9 Nov

Map of the Week: Mapping U.S. Garbage

    (Data Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2016) This map was featured in an article published on the treehugger website. The article is called “Trash by the numbers: Startling statistics about US garbage”  and was written by Melissa Breyer, a...
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19 Oct

Map of the Week: Haunted Houses

The interactive map below shows the top 15 haunted houses in the country. You can use pan and zoom to navigate to the different sites and view attribute information for each house. The data used to create this map was obtained from...
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13 Oct

Map of the Week: Mapping mammogram screenings

Regular mammogram screenings are key for early detection of breast cancer. Early detection of this cancer often leads to successful treatment for patients. The American Cancer Society  provides information about the benefits and potential harms associated with mammography exams. The...
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6 Oct

Map of the Week: Breast Cancer Incidences

  October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The map shows the varying rates of women who got breast cancer. Washington D.C.has the highest breast cancer incidence rate at 141.7 and Arkansas has the lowest at  107.7. The National Cancer Institute estimates...
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