4 Jun

Map of the Week: PEATMAP

By Samantha Hinton PEATMAP is an improved global peatland map by Xu et al, 2018. With peatlands’ significant role as carbon sinks within the global carbon cycle, continuing to study and map their extent and distribution will be crucial for...
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27 May

Map of the Week: Global Military Spending

by James Mallinson Visual Capitalist has shared this image by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute giving a visual illustration on relative expenditures by the world’s biggest military spenders. As Visual Capitalist notes, the world’s relatively declining global and international...
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29 Apr

Map Of The Week: Status of Spring

By Kelly Young Spring flowers are beginning to bloom and warmer temperatures are arriving across the United States. However, in many parts of the country, Spring did not arrive when originally anticipated. According to a series of maps created by...
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