27 Dec

Map of the Week: Asian Longhorned Tick

Potential Asian Longhorned Tick Range in North America A dangerous invasive species is a rising cause for concern among those who live in the Eastern United States; not only for people, but for wild animals and livestock as well. An...
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7 Dec

Map of the Week: Native Lands

In this map you will not find countries, states, nor cities. You will not see clean, straight lines nor finite divisions between labels. What you will find however, is unadulterated, diverse representation of cultures far too often forgotten about or...
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1 Nov

Map of the Week: Chemical Spill Sites

This map shows the over 2,500 sites across the US that handle toxic chemicals and are located in flood-prone areas. A report from the Climate Science Special Report last year warned extensively about the increasing intensity and frequency of flooding...
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