21 Dec

Map of the Week: Map Your Holiday

By Conor White Map Your Idea is an exciting platform that brings the general public a way to easily create crowdsourced and community maps. The idea began when four friends produced a crowdsourced map of socially distant trick-or-treat spots in...
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10 Dec

Map of the Week: Evergreens

By Nicole Oveisi Reuters recently put together interactive graphics explaining the evergreen economy. Last year, over 26 million evergreen trees were sold in the United States for the holiday season, making evergreen production a $2 billion industry. According to the...
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3 Dec

Map of the Week: Queering the Map

By Nicole Oveisi Queering the Map is an online, crowd-sourced mapping project that geolocates queer moments in space. Its purpose is to collectively document spaces where queer memories have occurred. The project aims to move away from the notion that...
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5 Nov

Map of the Week: NYC’s New Live Subway Map

By Nicole Oveisi Source: Metropolitan Transportation Authority New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) just released their newly upgraded subway map. The infamous NYC Hertz-Tauranac subway map that was released in 1979 has endured throughout the decades, however MTA’s new...
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