22 Jun

Map of the Week: Gun Violence

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin On June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed and 53 more were wounded in a shooting at Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. At that time, it was the deadliest contemporary mass shooting by a single shooter in the...
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8 Jun

Map of the Week: London Tube Map

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinHave you ever felt defeated by the crowded subway while traveling in big cities? The London Underground, also known as the Tube, has eleven lines that cover 402 kilometers and serve 270 stations. It is the world’s oldest underground railway...
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1 Jun

Map of the Week: Free to Be Sydney

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Inspired by an increased attention to women’s assault allegations and safety concerns, Free to Be Sydney created a map where women in Sydney, Australia can pinpoint and share their “happy” and “sad” experiences on the city streets. The initiative...
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4 May

Map of the Week: 100,000 Stars

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin 100,000 Stars, an interactive Google Chrome Experiment map created by Google Data Arts Team, visualizes nearby stars and planets in our stellar neighborhood. This map depicts over 100,000 stars which can be observed and explored through this experience. Using...
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20 Apr

Map of the Week: Chatty Maps

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Click on the image for the interactive map Sound is all around us although sometimes it gets blended into the background and is categorized as noise, such as traffic.  We can easily forget to differentiate the types of sounds...
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13 Apr

Map of the Week: The Global Energy Transition

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Today, the world is in the grips of an ongoing energy transition. This change is being brought on by demand and supply shifts, innovation, and environmental concerns. As the world population increases drastically, so does the demand for energy....
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6 Apr

Map of the Week: Declassified

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) declassified some of its unique maps from its Cartography Center, originally launched in October, 1941.  To celebrate the center’s 75th anniversary two years ago in 2016, the organization classified some of their original maps...
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3 Apr

Map of the Week: Cocktail By County

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin Let’s ice things up this week with a map of the 50 states most purchased cocktails! If you were to travel across the United States trying every one of their favorite drinks, you would come across quite a few of...
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