18 May

Map of the Week: Sierra Nevada Snowpack

By Aaron Eben California’s climate has long been characterized by its volatility and extreme weather patterns. In recent years, the state has experienced a devastating drought that challenged its water resources and raised concerns about water security. The state’s reservoirs...
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11 May

Map of the Week: Alcohol Consumption

By Isobel Lu The origins of making alcohol through fermentation date back to the early Egyptian civilization, and humans have since been producing alcoholic beverages for thousands of years. Today, alcohol can be made from a variety of foods, including...
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6 Apr

Map of the Week: Easter Candy

By Isobel Lu Chocolate eggs, jelly beans, or Peeps? The options are endless. With Easter approaching this weekend, people all across the United States are gearing up to fill their Easter baskets with a variety of candies.   The map above,...
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