5 Dec

A Boundless Future for GIS


Boundless is a geospatial company that provides the premier open GIS ecosystem through its license-free technology and services aimed at meeting clients’ desires. With over 14 years of experience in the open GIS technology industry, Boundless, and its non-profit predecessor OpenGeo, has been a leading provider of open source geospatial web services solutions. Their software stack has been downloaded millions of times by developers and solution providers all over the world.

Boundless offers an ecosystem of open sourced geospatial components that integrates QGIS (Desktop GIS), PostGIS (Database), GeoServer (Web Services), GeoGig (verson control), GeoWebCache (cached basemaps), GeoNode (geospatial portal) and OpenLayers (Browser Tools). The ecosystem is enhanced by a rich selection of over 600 plugins and other resources. Since Boundless’s technology is license free and open source, users can improve their Desktop GIS by developing new plugins. Boundless Desktop is complemented by Boundless Connect, a one-stop repository for GIS resources, tools, and expertise. In Boundless Connect, users find documentation, downloads, training, community blogs, GIS datasets, etc.

As an active member of the FOSS4G (free and open source software for geospatial) community, Boundless has committed to the GeoForAll initiative, and subscribes to Open Principles that are proposed by the initiative (e.g. increasing the accessibility of geospatial education and opportunities). The company has contributed over 140 projects repositories for open source projects. Boundless offers a license free software subscription to desktop GIS at a cost that is significantly lower than the cost for licensing commercial GIS products.  In addition, educators and students are provided with free subscriptions to Boundless Desktop and Boundless Connect.  The company hopes to engage educators, students, partners, and the greater open source community in the collaborative process of contributing to a highly scalable and cost-effective GIS ecosystem.

The company is actively seeking to empower enterprises to make smart business decisions through effectively utilizing their geospatial data.  Boundless has had success delivering quality mapping products to government and commercial sector clients (e.g. NOAA, NycDoITT, and MassGIS). Boundless believes in harnessing the capabilities of  open APIs to construct powerful enterprise desktop GIS and a robust online ecosystem that is easily integrate with modern IT architectures.

“Commercially supported open source software represents the next revolution in GIS. We invite you to try the Boundless ecosystem and learn all about how our world is open” – Anthony Calamito, Chief Evangelist


Site: boundlessgeo.com  | Twitter: @boundlessgeo

 Written By Lerone Savage


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