10 Jul

AeroFarms: The future of urban agriculture


AeroFarms is a company that is approaching the global food crisis with vertical farming. They started in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, selling to the Ithaca Farmers’ Market. They are now expanded to Newark, NJ. They are “helping redefine not only the Garden State but also agriculture overall.” Their mission is to “build and operate responsible farms throughout the world enabling local production at scale to grow safe, nutritious, and delicious food.” AeroFarms makes sure to keep their three core values in mind: innovative, caring, and responsible. They make sure that they embrace new ways of thinking, respect their team, community, environment, and investors, and to compete ethically.


The AeroFarms system uses innovative tools. They have LED lighting to target specific wavelengths of light for more efficient photosynthesis, and less energy consumption. The cloth medium that they use is reusable for seeding, germinating, growing, and harvesting. It is durable and reusable, and can be washed. The system also includes Aeroponics mist. This provides the roots with nutrients, hydration, and oxygen to allow for a faster growing cycle. The system recirculates their nutrient system which uses over 95% less water than field farming. The process is pest-free and therefore has no needs for pesticides, since there is no soil involved there is no risk of contamination from other soils, and there is no run-off from the system since the water is recirculated. When plants are washed they are exposed to bacteria and a damp microbial growing environment. These plants do not need to be washed since they are not exposed to dirt.


AeroFarms technology is scalable, and is great for the agricultural industry. Purchasing from AeroFarms encourages the field of vertical farming. Comparing and contrasting vertical farming to field farming can give insight to which is most efficient and will last longer.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/10/2015

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