1 Oct

Antris: Keeping You Safe While Traveling and Working Abroad

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Antris combines GPS and communication technology with Search and Rescue specialists to address the personal security issues of individuals and professional groups travelling abroad. If something goes wrong for someone travelling or working in a dangerous area, First Responders can identify their last known whereabouts and begin a search.

The service is cloud-based, and automatically notifies the indicated personnel of you travel progress. Antris works on multiple different platforms, from computers to mobile devices. It is simple to add multiple check-in points, and you can use either addresses or GPS coordinates. If you miss a check-in (and don’t respond to the subsequent alert sent by Antris), then your emergency contact is sent an email and text message of your trip itinerary.

There are even more advanced features available for businesses and organizations through AntrisPRO. Rates are available as a yearly subscription, or a la carte per trip.

Written by Jesse Miller, 10/1/2015

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