29 May

Aquaveo: Using Geospatial Modeling to Map Surface and Groundwater

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Aquaveo is a water resources consulting firm that creates environmental modeling software for Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS) and other systems to map groundwater, surface water, and watersheds. The company started out as part of a Computer Graphics Lab at Brigham Young University in 1985 under a different name, and entered the private business as Aquaveo in 2007. The software they create allows for hydrologic analysis for engineering projects, as well as monitoring for pollutants in groundwater systems and visualizations of future environmental changes surrounding water projects.

Over 12,000 firms, government institutions, and universities in over 120 countries use Aquaveo’s software, and the company also provides training and consulting services for users in hydraulic and water resource engineering. The US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Department of Energy, among others, use the software. Environmental modeling of water resources is increasingly crucial as a growing world population continues to strain water resources, and pollution and unsustainable extraction of groundwater can have long-lasting and irreversible effects on subsurface aquifers. Aquaveo’s technology can also be used to model storm surges and floods, and ensure that coastal engineering can most effectively protect human assets and ecosystems along our coastlines. The importance of aligning environmental protection and human interests is highlighted on Aquaveo’s website (http://www.aquaveo.com/environment/coasts-oceans) and the satellite and geo-spatial technology the company provides is a crucial step in ensuring that a beneficial balance of these interests is met.

Written by: Christopher Ewell on 05/29/2015

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