25 Jun

Arborwell: Professional tree management


Arborwell is a tree management company located in California. Managing trees often consists of cutting down trees, but this company will assess trees health and help them if they are in need. Arborwell will enhance the beauty, health, safety, and value of trees.

Arborwell has partnered with a local charity to support access to education for children in the area. They have created a scholarship for low-income, first generation, kids to go to college.


Arborwell participates in a wood chip recycling program to create energy with biomass. This type of energy is cleaner than fossil fuels because it creates energy from plants. Arborwell only cuts down trees that cannot be saved, and chops up trees that have already fallen. This is a great use for those materials because it doesn’t just leave them to rot.

For trees to help our ecosystem they need to be healthy, if they have fallen, rather then letting them release CO2 with no return, have Arborwell clean them up for you.

Written by Elise Mazur, AGS Intern, 6/25/2015

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