1 Jul

Azavea: Beyond dots on a map


Azavea is a company that contributes lots to the geography community. They specialize in web and mobile application development. They also do spatial analysis and mapping, research and development, spatial data mining, modeling, and distributing computing, and systems integration, strategic planning, and architecture design. Azavea has created mapping softwares such as opentreemap, cicero, HunchLab, kaleidocade, Sajara, GeoTrellis, and DistrictBuilder. Some of their products are open source, and some are for purchase.


Azavea encourages its employees to conduct research during 10% of their work time to extend the scope of the business or provide new resources and tools for the staff. This helps the company and also helps the employees avoid a monotonous work schedule.

The projects that Azavea employees work on are very diverse ranging from mapping walkability to map algebra. They create applications for mobile platforms and desktop platforms. Azavea has made a major contribution to geography and continue to produce great work.

Written by Elise Mazur, AGS Intern, 7/1/2015

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