18 Aug

Big Mountain Data: Big data to put an end to domestic violence and family abuse

Big Mountain Data

Big Mountain Data is a company that develops data science solutions to help in the fight against family abuse and violence. They work with law enforcement, social services, and universities and government to establish a national open source repository on repeat offender data. This data will be made available to civic hackers, governments, law enforcement, social service, universities, and state and federal agencies.

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Big Mountain Data participated in the Bayes Impact hackathon. They teamed with their partner, The High Point, NC Police Department, to submit four data sets of domestic violence related records. Each team at the hackathon looked for key, specific insights in the data to test their hypothesis. They also proposed creative solutions that pulled external data available from public data sources. They are progressing toward developing a pilot project that can be implemented and tested in the field.

Another project they worked on was to create an infographic that will communicate the scale of the phenomenon and first person stories that tell the truthful narratives of why women stay in abusive relationships and why they ultimately leave.

A third project of theirs is to create the film Turning Point. This film is about how the High Point, NC Police Department is working with the community on disrupting domestic violence in their hometown.

“For every victim, and every child who witnesses the trauma of household violence, there is an offender who operates within a dataset of conditions that initiated and perpetuates the cycle of violence. We datafy the repeat offender.”

Written by Elise Mazur, 8/18/2015

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