8 Oct

BlueLine Grid: Securely Connecting Public Safety Agencies`

BlueLine Grid Logo

BlueLine Grid creates a platform for public safety agencies – police, firefighters, first responders, etc. – to securely communicate and collaborate. Many problems with interoperability and communication were exposed during the 9/11 attacks. BlueLine Grid offers a way for these groups to find each other and work together as a cohesive team. The mobile app provides a chat function, as well as a way to send real-time imaging and location data. This also includes the largest directory of government employees ever created and verified. A grid command station can be integrated into current dispatch systems, allowing authorized personnel to track members GPS locations and incident reports.

BlueLine Grid in use

They describe their solutions as “the first to empower intelligent government team-building,” making it easier to pull the knowledge and expertise that you need, regardless of agency or geography. Their “unique identity-based technology paradigm” is not just public safety agencies. Their software and services can be personalized to fit any organization or industry.

Written by Jesse Miller, 10/8/2015

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