15 Sep

Cartogram : Indoor Location Based Services (1 min read)


Cartogram is a venue technology startup that offers indoor location based services. In 2011, Will Stryker Clausen, CEO and founder of Cartogram, developed his indoor positioning application to introduce a uniform set of geospatial services through a common user interface in the indoor positioning technologies market. Cartogram provides a dynamic indoor map platform that morphs Google maps from a read-only platform to a full-featured read/write ecosystem for indoor maps.

The Cartogram App enables end-users to find indoor sites and allows businesses to provide customers with real time information about products and services. The app provides clients with features that include product search, indoor maps and content management, line wait-times, indoor positioning and navigation, adaptive digital signage, and indoor/outdoor convergence.

The features of this app have been very valuable to customers and businesses. For example, product search is a popular feature of the app which allows a customer to search a mall in advance for an item in order to obtain information about the item’s cost (s), store location(s) and quantity in each store. In addition, when the customer arrives at the mall, the App’s wayfinding feature will guide the customer to the desired store destination. For venues, Cartogram’s line wait-times feature can guide end-users to the lines for venues and send notifications to users about shorter wait lines than the one they are currently standing in. Getting customers into a shorter line is valuable to venues because it increases the probability of sales, which can provide an instant ROI for businesses. This feature can be used inside of a venue without requiring users install an app and without requiring the venue to install beacons or cameras.

Earlier this year, Cartogram has partnered with the basketball team the Sacramento Kings to develop the team’s app which provides features  such as indoor positioning, wayfinding, and venue searching features at at the team’s arena, Golden 1 Center.The app provides fans at Golden 1 Center with wait times at the concession stands and restrooms.

An ABIresearch article estimates that the market for indoor maps and services will be 2.5 Billion by 2017.  Stuart Weinstein, Sales/Client Experience Director at Cartogram, explained to me in a recent interview about the company’s client-focused approach. Mr. Weinstein states that Cartogram relies on the symbiotic relationship amongst customers, investors, and Cartogram’s team where all participants are involved in a collaborative process to deliver efficient, quality products. Such a convincing response makes it clear that Cartogram is well on its way to carving out a significant niche in the indoor technologies market.

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“Cartogram has taken Google’s current maps platform, which is read-only, and given businesses the power to own their end-to-end indoor location services, right on top of Google Maps…. think of Cartogram and IndoorMaps.com as a foundation for indoor location services. We’re changing the way that businesses craft their in-venue digital strategy with the world’s most versatile indoor mapping platform.”— Will Stryker Clausen, CEO and founder




Written by Lerone Savage

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