1 Feb

CompostNow: Compost Made Easy

CompostNowCompostNow was born from the desire to live a greener life. While many people want to compost their organic waste and food scraps, managing a home compost system can be tricky and time-consuming. For us city-dwellers the lack of space (and a backyard) often prevent us from turning our food scraps back into soil.

CompostNow seeks to solve this dilemma. The process is simple: once a customer signs up for the service they receive a compost bin. Once a week the bin is collected and replaced with a new, clean one. CompostNow then uses your food scraps to make rich soil, which it will return back to you if you desire.

Now there is no excuse not to compost!

CompostNow – Community Foodwaste Shuttle from CompostNow on Vimeo.

Learn more at their website: http://compostnow.org/

Written by: Emma Hayward (02/01/2016)

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