29 May

Conscious Brands: Your guide to activating sustainability

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Sustainability is the existence of a process throughout time. This can be on different scales and have different meanings. The sustainability of a business can mean that it is efficient in its work and can continue to make revenue. Environmental sustainability means that the earth can continue to exist and function for a long time. This would be on a geologic time scale. The company Conscious Brands is a “boutique sustainability firm” that helps “businesses thrive in harmony with the environments and societies in which they operate.” This means that the business can sustain itself, and it also will function well in society, and not create a harmful environmental impact.

Conscious Brands believes that sustainability comes from the core DNA of a company, and they think that it is important to thrive in a sustainable society instead of solely minimizing their carbon dioxide emissions. This company was listed on the Certified B Corporations list which means that they meet the standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Conscious Brands is out to help improve the corporate world.






Written by Elise Mazur, May 29, 2015

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