22 Jun

Digital Geographic Research Corporation: GPS and GIS for Transportation, Retail and Disaster Preparedness

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.27.02 AMDigital Geographic Research Corporation applies GPS, GIS and geographic sciences in transportation, retail and disaster preparedness.

DGRC has created a Metropolitan Transportation Information System, which uses GPS and GIS to track performance and to streamline metropolitan transport. METRIS is being used to reduce port congestion. Users see live information such as truck turn time and reasons for delays.

DGRC maps the transportation network, and conducts studies in transit planning, pavement condition, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, planning road corridors and alignments, data modeling, evacuation planning, designing resilient networks and protecting critical infrastructure. DGRC applies a planning methodology consisting of technical, economic, and policy strategies to help organizations plan for GIS and run more efficiently.

President Val Noronha exclaims how exciting it is that “not only are we leaning into other areas, but other specialists are taking up geography.” DGRC often collaborates with the University of California, Santa Barbara, to create solutions.

Below is a video of the Drayage trucking in the ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach:

Written by Elise Mazur, AGS Intern, 6/22/15

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