5 Oct

DoorDash: Improving Logistics with GIS


GIS applications and logistics keep developing throughout the world. They help to ease and simplify local, regional and global spatial and temporal decisions. One of the newest examples is San Francisco based logistic company named DoorDash, which is mostly helping local restaurants to deliver food in a number of regional cities such as San-Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix.

DoorDash started as a small food delivery company in San Francisco, which has grown significantly throughout the United States. The company’s team helps local business to fulfill delivery demands, an therefore, to grow and expand their networking. The company has also helped to reduce local unemployment rates in most of the focus areas. The goal of the company is to grow and to become World’s first logistic company.

Written by Timur Pozhidaev, 10/05/2015

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