15 Jul

eCURV: Minimizing energy demand bills


Demand charges are tariffs that electricity companies bill customers that pay for the need to keep up with demand and be ready for peak demands. The company eCURV has created a product that will control what equipment is drawing from electricity to create a lower peak demand. This works by patented queueing algorithms to optimize the runtime of appliances like HVAC systems, pumps, motors, battery chargers, heating, and refrigeration.


The system can regulate your appliances down to the millisecond to virtually eliminate the root cause of peak demand.  They created qPAC when they came to the discovery that delivery and use of electricity was not the issue. This technology can lower electricity bills.

eCURV is an innovative company that is combining many fields to create a product that is good for all parties.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/15/2015

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