26 Jun

Fairphone: Building a phone to create a fairer economy


Fairphone is a mobile phone that is part of a movement to produce fairer products. The company has created two versions of the phone. The goal of the company was to raise awareness of the mining of conflict materials, especially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They opened up the supply chain to try to find the problem areas. Today there is a culture of having the newest technology, and dumping old phones and computers. Fairphone wants to create a different dialog about technology.


The entire supply chain has been thought about for the Fairphone 2. Fairphone acknowledges that it is not possible to have a completely fair phone, because there are always social, environmental, and economic issues to overcome. The best that anyone can do is try to get the fairest materials that they can, design it to last a long time, manufacture it with well paid workers in a healthy environment, and sell it for a price that is affordable yet still pays everyone along the chain. One impressive part of the Fairphone 2 is that it is designed so that anyone can fix it if something goes wrong. This helps the phone last longer, which saves materials and saves the customer money. Not only will they not have to buy a new phone, but they will not have to pay for repair costs.

The Fairphone is well thought out, and is still being improved. Fairphone is “building a phone to create a fairer economy.”

Written by Elise Mazur, AGS Intern, 6/26/2015

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