22 Jul

Farmscape: Urban farming


Farmscape is the largest urban farming company in California.  It is bringing the farm back to the city one plot at a time. This company knows that it is important to connect people who live in cities with real food, and by brining farms into the city, they can create that connection, while helping minimize the food insecurity. Farmscape designs, installs, and maintains urban farms.

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Farmscape manages farms from the design phase all the way to harvesting. They can perform weekly services including garden planning, successive plantings, pest and disease control, crop rotation, irrigation maintenance, and harvesting. All of the work that they do is organic and food-safe.

Urban farming is a huge part of the future of cities. It is exploding in many cities and will help end hunger, and improve our environment. Farmscape services the Los Angeles area as well as the Bay area in California.

To learn more about future of the urbanized world take a look at our Fall Symposium: Exploring our future in an Urbanized World.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/22/2015


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