11 Jun

Fighting Clean Water Shortages, Fashion Company: “No one Without”



No one Without is a clothing company that started in 2010 based out of Los Angeles, California. No one Without partners with Thirst Relief International to bring clean water to people around the globe through fashion. The company sells both men and women’s clothes, along with a number of accessories which can be purchased online.


No one Without pledges that every product purchased will provide clean water to one person for 25 years through a concrete Bio-sand filtration system. Studies have proven that these filters effectively remove more than 90% of bacteria and 100% of the parasites found in untreated water. The simple yet effective technology provides a long-term, sustainable and economical drinking water solution to those in poverty stricken areas around the world.




Fundamentally, No One Without seeks to:

Provide Clean Water Across The Globe, Educate People, Give Where The Most Need Is. Find out more about what they do, and the products on sale here.

Written by Sophie Collings, 6/11/2015

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