4 Dec

Findster: Keeping Track of Your Loved Ones

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Findster is a way to keep track of your vulnerable loved ones. It starts with a small, physical tracking device that you clip to your child (or in my case, Jasper, my cat). The device then communicates wirelessly with an iOS or Android app, to let you know where your child (read: cat) is in that moment, via live feed. You can also access past locations. It is simple to set up geofences so that you get notified if the trackee leaves a designated area, or strays from what you have inputted as a safe path. There are even activity sensors that will alert you if your son or daughter falls down (detected by a 3-axis accelerometer), or if my cat just sleeps all day (really, it can tell you that).

How Findster Works Diagram

You can easily monitor several modules at one time, and more than one guardian can track a single individual. Findster also includes a sandbox-like environment compatible with IFTTT. This means that users can develop the app for other uses, without the need for deep coding knowledge. Such as “if Jasper slept all day, then set reminder to make him chase laser pointer all night.” Best of all, Findster does not require a monthly subscription! – Jesse Miller

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