10 Jul

Gaia GPS: Trail and elevation mapping

Gaia GPS

GAIA GPS is a mobile application for mapping outdoors and trails. This application has topographic maps with trails. It can track where you have been, your average speed, moving speed, max speed, current speed, pace, moving time, stopped tie, distance, and total time. The application shows your speed profile over time, and altitude profile over time.

Gaia GPS

This application is compatible with iOS and Android, and can be viewed on the Apple Watch.  With the Gaia Pro application, you can see Mapbox aerial imagery and roadmaps. With the pro version, the user can create and download layered maps. On Gaiagps.com/map users can view online of trails, campsites, and more.

Gaia helps connect everyday people with nature, and see all of the places they can travel. Gaia GPS has information for many different countries around the world.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/10/2015

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