21 Aug

Geocentric: Location-centric content


GeocentricGeocentric is a company that helps organizations communicate geographically through interactive maps, web marketing, and mobile applications. They work primarily for organizations who are working to improve their cities and the quality of urban life. This company began in 2005 and is growing. They have provided work for tens of district clients as well as many more organizations.

Founder and President Jim Blakeslee says that “Geocentric is a Web Software and Custom Mapping firm with the vision of enabling clients in economic development and destination marketing to self-publish and self-manage high quality interactive content, especially geographic content, in their websites.”

Geocentric has their software called Citylight. This web software allows clients to control location-aware web directories, sophisticated event calendars, custom branded interactive maps, and other types of dynamic web and mobile applications. This software is easy to used, is powered by Geography, and is social media and mobile friendly. They have also created Geomailer. This application supports recurring, data-driven email blasts such as weekly event announcements or community/merchant notifications. This system can automate email composition based on events already in the CMS. It is integrated into Citylight and can create emails from data in the software.Geocentric img

The third main service is creating custom maps. Geocentric specializes in producing maps designed to support the special needs of customers. They create digital maps for the web and mobile devices using GIS data from both public and private data sources. They then layer the client-specific data an produce maps specific for their needs for messaging, content, and branding.

“There’s no better resource for local information than public organizations, like Main Street Programs and Business Improvement Districts, who know the neighborhood and who have a mission to celebrate and promote all the merchants.  Our mission is to enable those organizations to communicate geographically, with custom interactive maps that work across devices, from desktop to mobile”

Geocentric creates a system that is well rounded to work seamlessly across all of the needs of the user. Geographic systems such as Citylight and Geomailer are great organizational tools for the field. “Through our unique Citylight Software, Geocentric enables our clients to organize, manage, and dynamically publish interactive, location-driven content.”

Written by Elise Mazur, 8/21/2015

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