27 Jul

Georama: Vicarious experiences


Georama is a company that is dedicated to vacation recommendations, and if you cannot go on vacation, creating vicarious experiences. Georama will share the world with people and all you need to do is look through the computer.

Georama has a recommendation engine, an interactive map for offers, insight reports, rich content, fast and easy integration, and travel intent data. All of this information will help you offer deals to travelers, or learn about deals as a traveler.

Vicarious Experiences

Georama has a huge project of vicarious experiences. This project is to get people to wear cameras strapped to them so others can stream their view. This allows people to become guides, and bring many others around with them. Viewers can also interact with the guide in real-time to customize their experience. They have patent pending technology and services to enable robust, mobile, live streaming from a guide to any website or device around the world. On the stream people can post questions and the guide can answer them and take people where they ask to be taken. Georama can equip guides/representatives provided by your organization with the required technology. It can be packaged into a light backpack and is very easy to use. Alternatively, Georama can provide a guide from our guide network to conduct the live tours. This content can be integrated into any website.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/27/2015

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