18 Jun

Geospatial Corporation: Providing Extensive Underground and Underwater Maps

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.56.57 PMGeospatial Corporation is a company that provides infrastructure mapping to markets around the world. They use geospatial technology to map extensive underground and underwater infrastructure for cities of all sizes. Geospatial Corporation can economically map most pipelines to an accuracy of less than 10 cm using the latest technology, and can Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.57.51 PMmap pipelines under rivers, lakes, and ports with depths of up to 180 feet. They can also use their data technology to create innovative 3D mapping models of underground pipes using their newest data system called GeoUnderground. GeoUnderground also gives clients mobile access to an extensive map of their underground pipeline systems anywhere on-the-go.

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Geospatial Corporation determines the location and depth of water, sewer, and electricity and telecom lines underneath schools, airports, and health organizations for the price of a small monthly subscription payment. They operate across the United States to provide their data acquisition and management services to utility companies, engineering firms, and local and state governments. Their technology can be used to accurately map oil and gas transmission, gathering, and distribution, which is crucial for long-term planning and construction. They are also looking to extend their focus internationally by working with government agencies and NGOs on issues around the globe.

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Written by: Christopher Ewell, AGS Intern on June 18, 2015

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