27 May

Gravity and The Simon Community Collaboration: Using a Mobile App to Help Homeless Find Shelter and Food

Gravity is a London-based modern tech company that normally specializes in creating large-scale digital products for businesses through mobile or web platforms. However, in 2014 they partnered with the homelessness-focused charity The Simon Community, which works to provide services and aid to homeless people around the UK, and created the mobile app S.I.M.O.N. (Support in my own Neighborhood).

The app presents a geo-located map that shows the user nearby areas providing food, shelter, and services, and the details needed to make contact. The app also allows users to complete a form if they are worried someone is at risk of homelessness, or use a geo-location tool to pinpoint people sleeping in rough conditions, which will be forward to the Simon Community who can then take efficient action. Gravity and the Simon Community both hope this app will help the community engage with the issue of homelessness and work towards prevention. The app is specifically aimed at people who become homeless unexpectedly, such as children, who could benefit from quickly receiving necessary services. The app is available for free on IOS and Android devices.

Writteny by: Christopher Ewell on 05/27/2015

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