24 Jun

Great Ecology: Environment + design

Great EcologyGreat Ecology is a national science and design consulting firm. This consulting firm involves an interdisciplinary team of ecologists, landscape architects, and planners. Great Ecology’s project solutions are driven by an in-depth understanding of design and ecological principles to create sustainable, resilient landscapes. Great Ecology provides habitat and wetland restoration, ecological design, wetland mitigation, site planning, regulatory compliance and permitting, green infrastructure design, and biological studies. Great Ecology also works on coastal resiliency planning and environmental forensic projects.

Great Ecology Science & Design

As an ecological design firm, they create designs that mitigate complex environmental problems. Their diverse team, overlays design and ecology to create innovative solutions. When creating a design that is sustainable, you must take into account the environmental system, including the species, water, soils, and weather of the area.

Sustainability means the ability to continue for an unidentified amount of time. Without understanding native and invasive species, the ecology of the environment, and how it all works together, it is impossible to have a sustainable design.

Great Ecology’s mission is to provide their clients “with premium ecological consulting services, through sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective, solutions to environmental problems.” They cater to public and private sector clients and provide well-informed decisions.

Written by Elise Mazur, AGS Intern, 6/24/2015

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