17 Feb

Green ABCs: Sustainable School Supplies for a Green Revolution



Beth Davies, the founder of Green ABCs, is setting out to help spark the Green Revolution. To do so, Green ABCs is putting eco-friendly school supplies into the hands of the youngest generation.

Everything Green ABCs sells, from pencils to backpacks to scissors, is made from recycled, sustainable materials.  The idea is to heighten childrens’ awareness about earth’s limited resources, and to, “transfer the environmental consideration FROM “I care about what I do with stuff I’ve used”  TO “I care about how the stuff I use is made” (Davies).

We asked Davies what inspired her to create Green ABCs.  She told us that, “My son is one of the 50 million children who go to public school in the US.  Each year as school budgets are stretched the parents and teachers of these kids spend almost $6 BILLION across the country on the school supplies needed for the classroom – from pencils and notebooks to copy paper and crayons.  The natural resources used to create these products is profound – more than 1.4M trees for copy paper alone – or the equivalent of 7 trees for every class each year.  In all less than 5% of these products are green.”

Through their promotion of sustainable school supplies, Green ABCs hopes to, “create the next generation of conscious consumers.”

Learn more on the company’s website.

Written by Emma Hayward, 02/22/2016

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