11 Sep

GreenInfo Network: GIS Consultants for Public Interest Groups

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GreenInfo Network is a non-profit organization that assists others in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related information technologies. They work for 80-100 public interest clients annually, in California and the United States generally. GreenInfo Network has assisted over 800 public interest groups and agencies with mapping, data, analysis and other information technology projects. In addition to direct support of these groups, they also connect them into a network of relationships, fostering collaboration and sharing whenever possible.

GreenInfo has a wide area of potential focus, including conservation, economic development, environment, public health, philanthropy, social justice and equity, government agencies, education, and human services. In the realm of conservation, they use mapping and web applications to help others conserve biodiversity and protect forests, farmlands, parks, marine preserves and many other natural resources.


They also analyze and map economic, environmental or health disparities, including the development of park deficiency assessments to guide community investment choices, mapping of transportation alternatives and illustration and analysis of demographic patterns.


Written by Jesse Miller, 9/11/2015




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