23 Oct

Guerrilla Cartography: Maps by the People, for the People

Guerilla Cartography Logo

Guerrilla Cartography was founded in 2012 by Darien Jensen, a professor at UC Berkeley, and a seasoned cartographer and data visualization analyst in Oakland, California. The non-profit organization started out with an open call for food-centric maps, and it was answered by mapmakers from around the globe with either finished products or sparks of ideas. Guerrilla Cartography then successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign in order to publish all of these varied maps in one book, titled Food: an Atlas. The results are fascinating, featuring subjects ranging from agriculture to economics, from sociology to sustainability. You can purchase a copy of the book, or download a free digital copy, at their website.

Food: an Atlas, Protecting Food Specialties Map

Guerrilla Cartography also created a great platform for collaboration. As Jensen told National Public Radio, “we were able to say, ‘Okay, food anthropologist in Spain — here’s a cartographer in Guatemala. Make a map together.'” This idea of collaboration will also continue into their newest project – Water: an Atlas. Expect the same level of variation and expertise in this, and all future volumes. – Jesse Miller


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