25 Jun

Holganix: Soil nourishing, root stimulating

HOLGANIX The Natural Green Solution

Holganix is an organic turf company. This company is makes turf that does not require fertilizers and pesticides. Their turf is a mix of compost tea and other naturally selected ingredients. Their product can be used on its own, or with small amounts of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to encourage plant growth for a hybrid approach.

Chemical fertilizers contain chemicals such as pesticides, nitrates, and phosphorous. When these make it into soil and down waterways, they can create dead zones. The chemicals create abundances of plankton and algae. This biology can then deplete the oxygen in the water and no other life forms can live in that area, therefor making it a dead zone.


Barrett Ersek, CEO, was running a succesful lawn company in Philadelphia when he realized that: “The more successful I was as a lawn care provider, the more fertilizer I used and the more run off into the bay I generated. I became obsessed with the idea that there had to be a better way to service my customers.” From this idea, Holganix was created. By avoiding chemical fertilizers, these anthropogenic dead zones can be avoided. Holganix acts as a Biological Meta-Catalyst, meaning that it enables plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently. This means that if you do use fertilizers and pesticides, you only need a small amount. Holganix adds microorganisms to the soil, which means that it is a probiotic. Probiotics allow the soil to have a soil microbiology community. This soil will thrive with the right care.

Written by Elise Mazur, AGS Intern, 6/25/2015

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