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Icaros: Pioneers in Aerial and Photogrammetric Spatial Analysis Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum

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Icaros was established in 2004 as an aerial mapping service provider, and has since then pioneered the use of aerial sensors and photogrammetric processing techniques, meaning the use of photography in mapping to measure distances between objects, to expand the solutions they provide. They offer comprehensive aerial geospatial solutions through state of the art remote-sensing technology, photogrammetry software, image data acquisition and analysis. Their flexible and actionable format allows them to offer organizations, companies, and governments the tools to make better decisions in a world of rapidly changing environments and technologies.

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Near Infrared

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Thermal Infared

They also offer 3D modeling and imagery across 5 bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, providing clients with intricate views of our earth beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Their use of Near-Infrared allows them to differentiate healthy vegetative environments from damaged ones, among other uses. Thermal Infrared is useful in detecting underground pipelines, performing energy audits, and monitoring construction and energy infrastructure according to measures in heat emissivity. 3D mapping, or Oblique mapping, allows them to more clearly detect flaws in construction through multiple aerial views of the project, but the technology is also sought after in security and defense initiatives.

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Thermal Oblique

Written by: Christopher Ewell, AGS Intern on June 22, 2015

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